Events, speaking and awards ... simplified in a single marketing solution.

EventTrak helps companies track the global events landscape. If you’re trying to coordinate your company’s efforts (speaking, exhibiting, sponsoring, networking, etc.), stop toiling away in spreadsheets and come check out a much smarter and faster approach.

It’s a tool that I’ll be recommending that the companies I’m involved with use. It’s simple, effective and helps them to build their brand. That’s a win in anyone’s language.
Bottom line: if your technology conference and award tracking and management system is inefficient, spreadsheet based and labor intensive, EventTrak is a compelling option that extends beyond what existing services offer.
The Hub
Tracking existing tech events, not to mention the new ones that pop up, is a more involved process than it should be. EventTrak solves for that.
Tiffany Spencer, Bessemer Venture Partners
EventTrak eliminates data entry and makes tracking tech events a lot easier and more enjoyable.
Jennifer Cloer, The Linux Foundation
EventTrak helps us focus our time on what really matters: creating great content for award and speaker submissions.
Bret Clement, RightScale
Simple Event and Award Discovery

There are tens of thousands of events and awards, and your marketing team has only so much time. EventTrak is the first comprehensive solution that helps you cut to the chase in discovering opportunities that matter, in a simple and intuitive format that saves you major time.

Follow Opportunities You Care About

EventTrak uses a simple keyword-based approach to help you zero in on topics of interest, find events that matter, and follow them with a single click. You no longer have to manually enter key information (dates and deadlines into a spreadsheet). Just follow and focus on the opportunities that matter to you.

Follow Topics and Organizations

EventTrak even allows you to follow specific topics and event organizers. Follow all of the breadcrumbs that matter most to your company to help you further organize your exploration and discovery of the opportunities that matter.

Special Reports

EventTrak Reports break down media coverage for the tech industry's hottest events. Get deep insight into the authors and outlets most actively covering the shows you care about, so you can refine your pitching strategy with comprehensive data and accurate contact information.

No Hassle Pricing

$3,000 per year covers truly unlimited access for your organization and includes:

unlimited users • unlimited concurrent logins • unlimited support • unlimited feature access
  • Docker
  • IBM
  • CenturyLink
  • Bessmer
  • Linux
  • RightScale

They’re already using EventTrak. Why aren’t you?

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